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SLOBODNA DALMACIJA / Saturday 21.12.2013.

Why don’t five-year-old children feel back pain and neck pain?

Regardless of possible problems like overweight, flat feet, too much sitting and incorrect training, the elasticity of the hyaline cartilage discs between the vertebrae and the ligaments that line the spine protect children from both back and neck pain.

Why does lumbago occur around the age of 11 and later?

Muscles strengthen before and after puberty. This fact reduces the flexibility of the joints of the spine. Our spine is similar to the one of quadrupeds. That is why constant forward movements without any support often lead to overloading and damaging of the rear parts of the disc.

There are rare people who do not suffer from spinal problems such as lumbago, sciatica, cervicobrachial syndrome at the age of 30. Why does it happen?

The mobility of the spine is reduced to such a level that the overloaded and already degenerated parts of the disc bulge out towards the nerve root structures. It can cause stiffness, pain and numbness of one or both hands or feet, headache, dizziness, double vision, ringing in the ears, objects falling out of hands (protrusion, prolapse, hernia, extrusion, cervical, cervicobrachial syndrome).

The mobility of the spine over backwards is the key for the therapy and for the health of the spine …

… since in the daily life, we insufficiently bend over backwards. We overcharge the discs only in one direction. It is just as we walk only on our toes or just as we drive our car with tires that are half-flat. The discs tear rapidly, bulge out and crack. The ligaments that line the spine are rapidly shortened.

The appropriate help for the spine …

… begins with the diagnosis of the decreased mobility. After that, we at Tranfić Polyclinic analyse other symptoms and increase the reduced range of the movements by suppressing the bulging parts of the disc from the nerve root and vascular (neck) structures. The parts of the discs, which are not essential for functioning, bend themselves or are absorbed. That is why they do not bother. When deformities such as kyphosis and scoliosis occur, the principle of their functioning is the same, because only when we increase our mobility, we can balance the power of the muscles and get the desired shape. The correction of the spine in this way is possible in adulthood, which contributes to its aesthetic treatment. The shoulders and the hips directly affect the spine and vice-versa. Accordingly, we use them in therapies. Besides, mobile hips and spine in backward direction contribute to the activation of buttocks muscles and the back side of the thigh. For this reason, the shape of the body is more beautiful and there are less accumulations of cellulite.

Tranfić Polyclinic has designed and patented …

… the balancing table for the spine. The table operates on the principle of swinging with targeted stretching. By doing this, we achieve a dramatic increase in range of motion. Results are visible after a few minutes. Patients are usually in a dilemma whether to try the effect of the treatment. TRANFIX for the neck, the EU patent from 2012, operates on a similar principle. By working with professional sportsmen and sportswomen (B. Vlasić, I. Balić, I Boraska, yachtsmen team, J. Poljak, T. Erceg …) we have confirmed the rapidity of the treatment and the long-term effects of our method we use in the work with general population. There is neither health for the spine, nor any results without a maximum mobility!

The correct therapy of the spine implies restoring its mobility. It should be maintained in order to prevent problems. The oldness of the spine depends on its flexibility. Why would not we twist ourselves backwards like the Indian old-age yogis do as if they are made of rubber? Maybe they have more free time, but they do not have the balancing table and the help of the experts from Tranfić Polyclinic.

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