The DVD with exercises for the back includes a large number of exercises that we use in our everyday work both with top athletes and with the general population. The benefits of the exercises are: elimination of problems of the spine, correction and shaping of the body. The DVD can be used interactively. If a patient is unable to visit a therapist in the beginning phase of his/her back pain, he/she can contact the physiotherapist who will guide him/her over the phone or by e-mail.




DAY 1 – pain in back, a little bit to the left

(Do the following exercises: 3, 17, 19, 21 …….. 3 x 10 repetitions / twice a day)

DAY 2 – the pain moved centrally

(Do the following exercises: 3, 17, 31, 35 …….. 3 x 10 repetitions / twice a day)

DAY 3 – the pain is gone

Products, patents, authorship

All products at Tranfić Polyclinic have been designed as a result of the desire to improve the treatment and the prevention of patients. Since the principles of our therapies are based on biomechanics, which is the cause of the injuries, our products are created on the same principle. The aim is to improve and shorten the necessary treatment, to implement prophylaxis in order to make it more accessible, convenient and affordable. Taking into account the fact that the spine and other joints are usually too quickly worn in relation to one’s lifetime, our mission is to preserve and keep them healthy and functional as long as possible.