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SLOBODNA DALMACIJA / Sunday 26.10.2013.

 At SASO fair in 2010 we presented our innovative balancing table for massage. By doing massage with gentle swinging (visible on Facebook Tranfić Polyclinic), we managed to warm up deep muscles along the spine. It is almost impossible to touch them with hands. In such a way, we improved and accelerated the effects of moving parts of the disc in the direction of nerve roots release, treating, accordingly, back pain and lumbosciatica. We have observed that after each usage of the balancing table, the lumbar spine was bending more and more backwards and it even increased all our expectations. Such a reclining movement is decisive for the desired tension reduction within the spine joints and is a condition for the major success of further therapeutic movements! This idea has led us to make, except for massage, additional three-dimensional bending backwards movements with rotation on the balancing table, which granted us much better effects in the treatment!

We have confirmed the importance of making pressure relief movements when we treated and kept the spine of Blanka Vlašić healthy (2000 – 2010), Ivano Balić (2001-2006), the Croatian yachtsmen team (2000-2005) and for the last two years we have worked with Franka Anić, a Slovenian world bronze member of the national team in Taekwondo.

In 2012 Tranfić Polyclinic was granted an EU patent for “Tranfix” strap for the cervical curve. Originally, we wanted to relieve the neck with the usage of a headband which would extend to the buttocks. We were inspired by our model for the lumbar spine, for which we were awarded a bronze medal at the International Fair in Geneva in 2005. By using neoprene with elastic resistance, we have achieved effects which are similar to the balancing table and we have increased both the mobility backwards and the rotation. The neck becomes free in its movements thanks to the warming up of the muscles. That is why we often, without using any manual medicine (chiropractic) and any traction, which are normally applied at Tranfić Polyclinic, manage to remove most pain, consequential pain and numbness of one or both arms, headaches, dizziness, double visions, ringing in the ears, objects falling out of hands. Patients named the balancing method of treatment “a 3D therapy” due to feeling of “extraction” or release of the nerves and blood vessels out of disc and other tissues.

We, at Tranfić Polyclinic, use new methods which are based on the principle of “corkscrew” drawing. The corkscrew is drawn from the bottle by gentle pulling and screwing. Indeed, we have achieved great results of bending the spine backwards, but these results arise from synergies of more movements and they are also applied in 80-year-olds. In case of a surgery, in order to avoid any adhesions and other side effects, the controlled increase in spine mobility is very important. When one joint “pulls” the other one with the aid of associated movements, the result can often be seen even in patients who have already reconciled themselves with the idea of a surgery. The protruding portion of the disk gradually bends since the liquid of the inactive part of the cartilage shock absorbers moves to the one which has been activated by the balancing technique. Key movements sometimes “open” to such extent, that there is no need for other methods to be used.

The balancing methodology is a progress in the correction of the spine (kyphosis, scoliosis, bad posture) because we can precisely act upon all deformities, even upon the mixed ones.

Besides direct treatment of the spine, aesthetic effects in the form of an increase in range of motion for the shaping of the buttocks, legs, chest, abdomen and chin tightening are quite impressive. Balancing massage and exercises help in the relaxation of the contracted muscles and in the activation of the weakened ones. These techniques proved to be excellent in the rehabilitation of stroke and in cerebral palsy children. When one feels pain and has stiff shoulders, “Tranfix” strap acts greatly with its elastic resistance between the head and the hands in the opposite direction of the damaging one.

The balancing table and “Tranfix” strap often shorten and simplify the mentioned treatments. They bring a powerful breakthrough to physiotherapy and significant savings to patients and the society.

We presented our innovations to physiotherapy and medical experts during a lecture at the School of Physiotherapy in Zagreb last year. We, experts at Tranfić Polyclinic in Split and at Tranfić Physio-Medical Centre in Kaštel Novi, are willing to demonstrate the effects of our innovations to all Croatian and foreign medical experts, as well as to sports and other types of coaches. We are also opened for the patients with all information they need. For those who wish we are ready to provide a probationary treatment.