In everyday practice we meet people claiming that they do not have much free time to do exercises. Thus, we decided to create a device with a large frame in the middle of it. One can stretch the spine in the right direction while watching TV, talking on the phone or surfing the Internet.

Our seat for exercises is suitable for the correction of poor posture and spinal deformities, particularly due to its capacity for static strengthening of one group of muscles, while stretching the same group of muscles on the other side.

It offers great opportunities for climbing exercises. As the physiotherapists have discovered about 15 climbing variants so far, they exclude any possibility of boredom during one hour training session. All muscles of legs, abdomen and deep back muscles work intensively. What is more, one can do other asymmetric exercises and thus “drag” the correction of his/her body from “head to toes”.

Because of the framework, which provides the intensive work of the muscles and climbing control, there is minimal possibility of injury. On the other hand, the consumption of calories is extremely large (aerobic training).

When doing climbing exercises for 2-3 minutes a couple of times during working hours one eliminates the negative effects of longtime sitting.

Eccentric contractions of leg muscles (including buttocks muscles) prevent the accumulation of cellulite. The seat for exercises provides targeted strength exercises, shaping in such a way the abdomen, the buttocks, the legs, the back, the chest and the shoulders.

This innovation has opened a number of opportunities in the rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system and respiratory diseases, in the therapies after a stroke, for children with cerebral palsy and other neurological diseases.

The seat is economical and ideal for group work at home, in offices, on playgrounds, on campsites, at hotels, at motorway rest areas, at airports, at companies… The seat is particularly useful for sport players as it is ideal as a bench for reserve players because they hold their spine in a much better position and they really rest themselves on it in contrast to the existing ones on which they breathe shallowly (70 % of the waste is eliminated from the body by breathing). In fact, by doing this, players get tired.

The seat can be made of wood for the interior design. It can also be made of metal or stone for parks and promenade lanes. It is easily cleaned and transported. The user of the seat, with a minimum involvement, can not only achieve a fantastic result, but also intensively do exercises.

We have invented over 100 exercises, you can see most of them on our Facebook page

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