Tranfić Polyclinic’s expert team was formed, educated and perfected according to the patients’ needs and as such it is ready to meet the greatest challenges in the field of the loco motor system treatment. Apart from that, we cooperate with a number of experts in related fields, such as orthopaedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, sports medicine specialists and others. We also use their consulting services in the Tranfić Polyclinic.

Vinko Tranfić, senior physiotherapist

 Vinko Tranfić was born in Split on 21 November 1969. He got a degree in physiotherapy on 10 September 1991 as the best student in his generation of physical therapy studies in Rijeka. After an internship at the Clinical Hospital Split, he took the state exam in Zagreb. For two years he worked with the doctors from Ukraine who trained him in biomechanical therapy of the spine and joints, i.e. manual medicine. A year later he acquired a certificate in mechanical diagnostics and therapy of the spine of the famous Australian McKenzie School. He is active in a private practice, and he works with a number of top athletes, but also with the general population. In 2001 he founded the Tranfić Polyclinic for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in Split. In addition to that, the Tranfić Physio-Medical Centre in Kaštel Novi still exists, as well as the company that produces orthopaedic insoles, back belts and neck bands.

In 2005 he finished and released a DVD programme “Exercises for the Back” (Vježbe za leđa) with Blanka Vlašić. In the same year he won a bronze medal for the back belt in the category innovation in medicine, at the International Exhibition of Invention in Geneva. In 2006 he published and promoted a new sport “SPLITBALL” which attracted great public attention. He participated in the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004, the Mediterranean Games in Almeria in 2005, and the preparations for the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008. His innovative product “elastic band for neck control” became the EU patent in 2010. The invention “table for balancing the spine” was promoted in 2010, and improved in 2011.