Experts at Tranfić Polyclinic have spent longtime intensive work on the treatment and the prevention of spine, joints, muscles and nerves diseases. This has led them to the creation of new methods and tools for this purpose. Our goals, to which we have truly dedicated ourselves, were to shorten the time of the treatment, to eliminate the pain quickly and to return to normal activities, as well as to prevent new problems. The result was a number of products and innovations.

The table for the balance of the spine is an innovation created in 2010 by the experts at Tranfić Polyclinic. Rotating independently the sensitive thorax-lumbar part of the spine for a few minutes on the balancing table one can achieve better effects than multiple longtime backstroke swimming. The results of such activities are: (1) prevention and treatment of low back pain (2) other balancing exercises. The balancing table provides easy and fine physiotherapeutic manual procedures with the aim of treatment and correction of the spine. In order to calm a newborn baby, one shall swing him/her in the arms of his/her mother or in the cradle. The same principle is applied for the massage with the effect of body swinging because it gives a special relaxing and therapeutic effect. By reducing muscle tension, it helps in the rehabilitation of stroke or of children with cerebral palsy, as well as with other neurological diseases.

The table is suitable for clinics, wellness centres, independent trainings at home, fitness centres or larger companies where the break is not at fixed hours (architectural companies or law firms, publishing houses and the like). Besides, the table prepares muscle tissues by warming them up and the connective tissues by stretching them for the therapy. As a result, we have improved both the extension effect (traction) and the manual manipulation effect (chiropractic), reducing the number of treatments needed for the recovery.

Products, patents, authorship

All products at Tranfić Polyclinic have been designed as a result of the desire to improve the treatment and the prevention of patients. Since the principles of our therapies are based on biomechanics, which is the cause of the injuries, our products are created on the same principle. The aim is to improve and shorten the necessary treatment, to implement prophylaxis in order to make it more accessible, convenient and affordable. Taking into account the fact that the spine and other joints are usually too quickly worn in relation to one’s lifetime, our mission is to preserve and keep them healthy and functional as long as possible.