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Inspired by World Parkinson’s Disease Day, we have presented the story of the members of the city branch office of “Parkinson and We” Association and tried to raise awareness of the public about the problems which patients encounter, and the therapies which, unfortunately, are still unavailable although the patients need them. The day after the publication of the text we received the news that knocked us off our feet. “Inspired by your text, we, at “Tranfić” Polyclinic for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, decided to donate our innovative seat for exercises to Split branch office of the Association”, stated in the letter that we received.

And that was not all! M. Vinko Tranfić continued in his letter: “We are also ready to provide education for our distinguished colleagues from the Association on specific features of the equipment we want to donate, where you can work in pairs and do over one hundred exercises. Moreover, we would like to accept the suggestions of our dear colleagues and experts and to have a continuous cooperation. Such an approach shall undoubtedly contribute both to the development of kineziotherapy of patients suffering from Parkinson disease and to the optimal application of the seat with periodical upgrade of our innovation.”

We have immediately called Diana Rubić, the President of the Association.

– On behalf of all our members suffering from Parkinson disease and their families we are grateful because you saw us, you identified our needs and our fights! We are immensely joyful – our interlocutor could not hide her enthusiasm.

Of course, we have immediately rushed to “Tranfić” Polyclinic to see the donation. The seat for exercise is a patent work of M. Tranfić, the physiotherapist, who has implemented his experience in top-level sport in the work with the wide range of population. The seat has shown great success. Thus, it has been used for corrective exercises, for shaping body exercises (an entire fitness program in Kaštela is developed and implemented on the seat), as well as for other therapeutic exercises. The innovation has aroused great interest of physiotherapists outside our country. Nowadays, experts from Germany are training on it.

For all the people suffering from Parkinson’s disease, the seat for exercises helps at breathing, condition, balance exercises, stretching and strengthening muscles, as well as for supporting automatic movement and motor rhythm – Vinko Tranfić told us. As time is money, and we have already told you that the Association “Parkinson and We” does not have its own location in the city, this seat for exercise will save both time and space. In addition, two people can exercises at the same time…

Originally Croatian

The seat for exercises has the following dimensions: 58 x 58 centimetres and 40 centimetres high from the ground. Together with the frame, it reaches a height of one meter and a half. The seat, which will be donated to the Association, is made of wood in combination with metal. It can be easily cleaned and transported. What is more, it is an original Croatian product.